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"One can be both entertained and educated and not know the difference"
~ Mark Twain ~

Organic Arts is a collaboration of dedicated professional performing artists and educators based in the Milwaukee, WI who perform and teach throughout the Midwest. We serve all ages and gathering places in the community with deep-rooted performance programs, cultural enrichment, and curriculum-planning.

We believe that the enjoyment and sharing of the arts is a life-long right, not limited by a person’s income or location. We’re devoted to providing performance experiences for schools and helping craft curriculum that is engaging and relevant to students and aspiring performers. We’re committed to passing on that love of art and artistry to tomorrow’s young artists and to serve all ages of the community with festival, library, church, and nature center appearances, with a special focus on programs serving our elders. The quality of life in a community is enhanced when audiences are engaged and inspired by the experience.