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Organic Arts Ltd

Our Location:

2609 S Delaware
Bayview, WI 53207

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Business Hours:

Mon-Fri 10:00am-4:00pm

Special Events Calendar

The Artists of Organic Arts serve audiences and provide programming for:

• Schools and Colleges
• Libraries
• Festivals / Community Events
• Regional Arts Centers
• Senior Centers / Facilities
• Churches
• Parks
• Nature Centers
• Private Parties

Our performing artists follow in the footsteps of Pete Seeger, Aldo Leopold, Garrison Keillor, Carl Sandburg, and Mr. Wizard! Tradition and spirit run deep in our roots. Our performing artists offer a variety of public services, including:

• Schools
For over 25 years our artist-educators have presented thousands of School Assembly Programs, workshops, and curriculum planning in the arts. Programs are available in a wide range of topics including USA and State History, The Great Lakes, Stories from around the World, The Secret Lives of Plants, Kidstuff, and Amazing Science.

• Library Programs
We work with libraries to put on performances to help get kids interested in reading at a young age! Our artists create tailor-made Summer Reading Program performances geared each summer’s reading theme. Year-round programs specifically for families, the community, and elders are also available.

• Community and Festival Performances
Community and Church festivals always have a Family Stage to serve kids through elders with wholesome entertainment often missed on the Main Stage. The Artists of Organic Arts perform both on Family Stages and roaming the grounds engaging audiences and brightening their day. The Organic Arts “Family Tree” Stage offers a complete and ready-made stage with day-long series of performances to festival planners struggling with the details of serving families.

• Performing Arts Center Concerts
Several of our artists also perform with their bands on the concert stage in regional performing arts centers and on the main stage at festivals.

Our concert-level groups include:
· Blowing in the Wind ~
· Pickin’ Up Speed ~
· Michael Drake / “No Tan Lines” Band ~

• Spiritual Events and Weddings
Several of our artists are the song leaders at gatherings each Sunday morning and performers for weddings and observances who bring the wonder of the spirit to gatherings of deep belief.

For a printable PDF Directory of Wedding Artists, click here

• ElderReach
We work to make your Golden Years truly “memorable” with outreach programs designed to evoke nostalgia and create a warm and friendly atmosphere! There’s nothing like an old, familiar song story to liven up a senior’s day.

For a printable PDF Directory of Artists for Elders, click here

•Nature Centers
We’re not called Organic Arts for nothing! Naturally, our artists have a wide range of programs, songs, and stories about the environment, water, plants, and science with deep roots. Every day is Earth Day at Organic Arts.

Contact Organic Arts at [email protected] / 414-702-6053 for a wide range of possibilities!